Here are some resources that might be useful. This will be more organized as things get more organized.

ChordPro Software

Chord 3.6">
the original free cross-platform Chord program, which produces PostScript output, by Martin Leclerc and Mario Dorion
Songsheet Generator
a free program for Microsoft Windows 95 and NT which will print out ChordPro songsheets, chord charts, and overhead transparency sheets
Web Chord
an on-line utility for converting ChordPro files to HTML, to be viewed, printed or used on web pages.
Chord Pro Manager
a shareware program which allows you to create, edit, display and print song lyrics in a useful and high quality fashion, including the associated guitar or piano chords in a graphical representation.

Other Software

Music: The Electronic Songbook
a shareware program for MS-DOS which will manage and print lyrics and songs